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With everythingData you will be able to see a clear picure of your data ecosystem and unleash the possibilities of connecting to a new world of data



everythingData's dataPoint platform gives companies the ability to have insight into their data ecosystem. By providing a central place to view your data assets, build comprehensive documentation and see the lineage of the data as it moves through the ecosystem.

Data Ecosystem

Understand all your data and how it all works together.

Company Glossary

Build a company glossary. Understand your company's core business concepts and terminology. Highlight how vocabulary may differ across business functions. Increase trust in your company's data.

Data Lineage

At its core, data lineage captures the mappings of the rapidly growing number of data pipelines in the organization.

Data Classification

Data classification provides a solid foundation for a data security strategy because it helps identify risky areas within the company, both on premises and in the cloud.

Tag Your Data

Tagging your data gives you the ability to bucket your data for special projects or groups.

Much More ...

Export the business glossary to pdf, print out lineage paths, divide your metadata into different environments, assist with migrations, etc ...

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View your entire company's data lineage

As data landscapes get increasingly complicated, knowing where your data comes from and how it moves through your company's data ecosystem becomes more important.

Graphical Connecting

Search for data points and plot the lineage using the graphical tool.

Batch Load

Load your lineage paths in batch with the template loader.

High Level View

Take a look at your entire company's data lineage in one view using the Lineage Asset Viewer.

Drill Down Features

Start at a high level view and drill down to the objects and data points that are connected.

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View your company's data documentation

Your data is only as good as what you know about your data. dataPoint gives you the ability to clearly document all aspecst of your data.

Create Business Terms

You can create business terms at a company level or individual segments of your business.

Tie Business Terms to Data

You have the ability to directly associate a business term to a data point.

Data Meaning

Provide technical notes to your data, like descriptions and accepted values.

Classify and Tag Your Data

You can classify your data for PII usage or Tag it for migrations or other projects.



We leverage proven analytics methodologies, best practices and tools to define the right analytics solutions for you, that solve complex business challenges and drive future growth.

Big Data and Analytics Consulting

We blend Data Science/ Analytics with a business focused strategic outlook to ensure our clients achieve ROI from their various analytics initiatives.

Advance Analytics

We incorporate data science, machine learning, data mining, forecasting, and simulations to offer predictive capabilities to clients.

Data Engineering

Our Data Engineering practice, involves gathering and combining data from disparate sources and building data assets to facilitate analytics that supports decision making.

Business Intelligence

We empower our clients to quickly discover and gain insights from their business data. Our key offerings includes; Ad-hoc and Insightful Reporting, Intelligent Dashboards, Data Visualization, OLAP Cube Design and Implementation.

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Data is one of the biggest drivers of successful businesses today and having the right data will guide your business and help you make better decisions. Our dataSets will help you create internal data and also provide third party data for you to integrate into your data ecosystem.

First Party Data

First party data is data that your company collects. We help companies with a data-driven strategy to accumulate as much data as possible within your organization.

Create Your Own Data

Integrate tools into your digital environment to produce low hanging data you may be leaving on the table.

System Origination Data

Implement the correct software systems to get the data you need.

Business Intelligence Data

Build a fast, robust and affordable BI Infrastructure to give you clear insight into your data.

Deep Analysis of Your Current Data

Enhance your data analysis by applying proven machine learning algorithms.

Third Party Data

Leverage the world of data to augment your digital world

Public Data

Tap into access of public data you did not know existed, including geographic data, politcal data, public corporate data and more.

Customer Profile Data

We use negotatiated contracts to get you the best deal on customer and contact profile data.

Cleansing Data

Use data to clean your existing data. Examples include address matching, medical code lookups and more.

Industry Specific Data

We have negotiated deals with data vendors to get you the right data to take your data ecosytem to a higher level.

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